Counseling Network, IncCounseling Network, Inc.
Kendar Building
1550 Madruga Avenue, Suite 307
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Office/Fax (305) 662-3762
Cell (305) 525-2482

Toll-free (877) 554-7003

Fees for Services

Therapy (Face-to-Face) Sessions:

Each situation is unique.  Please contact us directly so that we can discuss what services you seek and if we are the right provider for you.  We will make ever effort to work with you to make our services as appropriate as possible considering your financial situation. 

Email Sessions:

  • $35 Per Email Session for one question
  • $30 Per Email Session if you buy 3 sessions for $90
  • $25 Per Email Session if you buy 5 sessions for $125

Phone Sessions:

  • $65 for 1, 50-minute session
  • $60 for each 50-minute session when you buy 3 sessions for $180
  • $55 for each 50-minute session when you buy 5 sessions for $275

Lower Fees (Sliding Scale) or Pro Bono Consultation:

  • We maintain a limited number of spaces. Please feel free to discuss this option availability.

Scheduling and Appointment Times:

Prior to scheduling your first session we will conduct a brief consultation with you over the telephone. During this interchange we may discuss your reason for seeking therapy, prior exposure to counseling, scheduling concerns, fees and insurance coverage. We make a concerted effort to work cooperatively with our clients in arranging a feasible appointment time.

Session Duration/Cancellation Policy:

Therapy, counseling, and consultation sessions are 45-50 minutes in duration. Group sessions are 1½ hours in length. I reserve this time for your meeting. Therefore, if you need to cancel an appointment please provide me with a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to avoid being charged for the session. Insurance companies will not pay for missed sessions. You will be responsible for the payment directly if an appointment is missed without sufficient notice. If you miss an appointment without prior notification due to exceptional circumstances, feel free to discuss the matter with me. If you are late, you will be seen for the time remaining and charged for the full fee. When I am on vacation or leave from my office I arrange for a therapist to cover my practice; who is available to you at your discretion.


If you have an emergency and feel you need to speak with us prior to your next scheduled appointment, please call my office at 305/525-2482. We will return your call, as soon as possible. If you feel your situation is urgent and cannot wait, you may call the Crisis Hotline Switchboard of Miami at 305. 358. HELP, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Decisions for Your Consideration:

Please consider that not all therapists and clients work well together. It is your responsibility to choose a therapist and approach that works best for you. If you feel my approach is not right for you, let me know. Your discomfort may have to do with the issues which you are dealing with or the therapeutic process it self. It is important that you tell me your concern about any aspect of our work together so we can discuss it. Whether or not you review your concerns, you are free to end my services whenever, you believe ending is appropriate. We will provide referrals to other clinicians, if you would like them. Participation in treatment does not guarantee a specific outcome or efficaciousness.