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The therapist is responsible for establishing a tone of mutual trust and respect, whereby the therapist relates to the client in a consistent manner, listening carefully to the client's viewpoint on what brings them to therapy.  The relationship between the client and therapist is one that develops over time as the client becomes more comfortable with sharing their concerns with the therapist and in gaining insight into the their own distinctive life outlook. 

Upon entering therapy, our professional staff of therapists will spend time with you examining your concerns, and together, you'll clarify your objectives for treatment, keeping in mind a realistic timeline for achieving those goals.  It is our position to be your advocate, who will include giving support and understanding, and keeping focused on the issues that you present in therapy.  You will find in our work together that there will oftentimes be an emphasis in reviewing your present day life and your history, in the hopes of gaining insight as to how your background has shaped your outlook and choices.  Knowing this makes it possible to develop effective strategies to make positive personal change. 

Most clients desire similar outcomes which include: resolution of past events, hope for the present and future, obtaining optimal quality of life within given circumstances, and overcoming troublesome behaviors.  Sometimes this is achieved through short-term counseling and other times involves long-term in-depth therapy.  In our work together, we’ll be receptive to hearing your feedback on our progress in therapy, your need to talk, and develop a more interactive task focused approach.  We will provide suggestions for outside readings and assignments to facilitate personal awareness and progress.  We take into account your daily roles and responsibilities, cultural, religious orientation, relationship orientations, life cycle and development, and medical history. 

We would be happy to collaborate with other professionals with whom you are currently receiving treatment or make referrals as needed.