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     Individual & Group Therapy
  š  Email Counseling
  ¸  Educational &
             Audiovisual Counseling
  È Telephone e-therapy
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We work with individuals and couples.  We also offer supportive group therapy. 

¨ Therapeutic Areas of Specialization

= Abuse

= Addiction Counseling

= Adjustment Disorders

= Anger management

= Care of Elderly

= Career Readjustment

= Child Behavior Problems

= Depression

= Family Crisis Grief and

= Major life changes

= Self-Esteem/Identity

= Sexual Assault

= Stress and Anxiety

= Traumatic event

Face-to-Face Individual and Group Therapy
In office counseling with a therapist of your choice.

šEmail Counseling
Simply put, “real-time” sessions with a therapist. Email Counseling is a convenient and effective way to resolve problems. You email counseling questions to the therapist of your choosing and receive a detail answer within 24 hours. Fill in your personal data and choose a therapist by emailing them directly. Email counseling is an affordable, trusted and reliable form of communication that promotes greater connection with clients. This form of communication allows you to take the time to define how you feel and explore the symptoms that are troubling you.

ÈTelephone e-therapy
Phone sessions with the therapist of your choice.

ÁEmail therapy Questions and Answers
Electronic mailing between the client and the therapist.

¸Educational and Audiovisual Counseling
Counseling using video and or audio mediums. Educational DVDs and mental health videos utilizes instructional material for professionals and individuals to learn about many mental heath topics, such as Chemical Dependency, Relationships, Parenting, Boundaries, among others.

¯Music Therapy
Music therapy provides a unique treatment approach that addresses the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs of an individual through the structured and specialized use of music. Our music therapist will design music sessions for individuals and groups based on your needs. These sessions may include, but are not limited to improvisation, receptive music listening, song writing, discussion of lyrics, music and imagery, music performance, and learning through music. Our therapist will participate with you in setting up a treatment plan, performing evaluations and follow-ups when needed.

 œ    Correspondence Therapy Exchange
A new twist to an old method of communicating that still has a place in the 21st Century.


We also offer a wide variety of educational training mediums and are available for consultation.